Baoji Baoye Titanium-Nickel Industry CO.,LTD is a key manufacturer of titanium plates, titanium tubes, nickel and nickel alloy plates, nickel and nickel alloy tubes, titanium/steel clad plates, nickel/steel clad plates and zirconium material.
  Baoji Baoye Titanium-Nickel Industry CO.,LTD is also a key manufacturer of titanium, nickel and other metals pressure vessels. The company is qualified with the ability of fabricating D2 rate pressure vessels and non-standard equipment. It has got the approval of ISO 9001-2000 certificate.
   Our dominant products include titanium/nickel reaction kettle, tube heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger, titanium pump, titanium centrifugal machine, titanium/nickel standard components, titanium/nickel pipe fittings, titanium/nickel wires and titanium fan.
  The company is leading the way of producing nickel and nickel-based alloys (plates, tubes, bars, wires) and titanium , nickel equipment. Recent years, several nickel pressure vessels designed by us have successfully replaced the similar products from abroad and spoken highly of by the customers.
  One third of our products are exported abroad. Main countries are: Russia , Japan , Korea , India , Pakistan , etc. The excellent quality of the products is commonly recognized by the foreign clients.
  It also has a special research institution for non-ferrous metal material , which is primarily engaged in researching titanium alloys used in aerospace and titanium material used in ship-building. Meanwhile, we have achieved remarkable success in producing titanium/steel clad plates, nickel/steel clad plates and aluminum/copper clad plates. The bonding area (length and width) is the largest in China .
  All the products of our company can be produced and inspected by following ASTM or ГОСТ specifications.


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